We’ve put together a “Signature Series” of the best golf holes in Orlando, as selected by area professionals and avid golfers. Since we consider these “must-play” experiences we have also created a “Signature Series” of packages that we think you will find irresistible. We’ve built out dream itineraries for six-day, five-day, four-day, and three-day stays, combining excellent accommodations options with some of the best and most exciting golf courses (and holes!) in the area. As so many Golfpac clients over the years have experienced, we work hard to design and build the perfect package for you, all at a price you can afford.

Bella Collina

Hole: 12 Par: 5 Yardage: 576

This beast of a par five is 576 yards from the “Faldo” tees. Be sure to guard against a big number here as you’re just starting the toughest stretch of holes to the finish.


Hole: 7 Par: 4 Yardage: 447

The guide book says you need to choose a club off the tee that you can hit straight. Um, no kidding! But this hole is 447 from the tips and you’re going to need your big club if you want to get home in two. Good luck!

Disney’s Palm Golf course

Hole: 6 Par: 4 Yardage: 412

Challenge the water off the tee and reap the reward of less distance to the green. However, you’ll need to be wary of both water and a pot bunker in front. Use the strong right to left sloped green to get your approach into birdie range.

Eagle Creek

Hole: 18 Par: 5 Yardage: 535

Designer Ron Garl saved his best hole for last at Eagle Creek. It’s a double dogleg with water down the right side and then in front and nearly around the green. The final shot of the day is definitely one to remember. It’s just a downright fun hole!

Grand Cypress—South

Hole: 6 Par: 5 Yardage: 595

At 595 yards from the back, this is one of the toughest par 5’s in all of Orlando. The hole features a severely raised green bordered by water on the left and a deep cavernous bunker on the right. There have been more rounds lost on this hole than ships in the Bermuda Triangle!

Southern Dunes

Hole: 11 Par: 3 Yardage: 216

You have to love a par three that doesn’t need water to be tough. From the elevated tee you’ll see a bunch of bunkers, but it’s deceiving to the eye as none of them are greenside. This putting surface is protected more from the sharp drop-off all the way around. A very solid three par.

Falcon’s Fire

Hole: 13 Par: 4 Yardage: 379

The view from the tee explains the hole’s name, Bunker Hill. There are at least 15 bunkers down the left side, but it’s safer there than the water all down the right. Hit your favorite “straight club.”

Grande Pines

Hole: 6 Par: 4 Yardage: 429

What a solid par-4. Try to keep it right of center off the tee and you should have a decent approach shot. Stay right, man, stay right. There’s nothing good down the left on this one.

Hawk’s Landing

Hole: 18 Par: 5 Yardage: 565

At 565 yards from the Black tees, #18 is the longest hole at Hawk’s Landing. It’s also the #1 stroke hole so be careful if you need to press your bet. This is one great five par!

Mission Inn—El Campeon

Hole: 17 Par: 5 Yardage: 556

Known as “Devil’s Delight”, #17 is certainly no delight to those who can’t find the fairway off the tee. It’s a double dogleg par five with an approach shot over water. Man, we love this hole!

Shingle Creek

Hole: 15 Par: 3 Yardage: 197

Shingle Creek is underrated as a great golf course because it has one of the best locations in Orlando. But there are some incredible holes on this course and the par-3 15th stands out as one of their best. Hit it solid as the water comes into play here much more than you’d think!


Hole: 18 Par: 5 Yardage: 574

Thread the needle off the tee and try to stay a bit left on your second to give yourself a good angle to the green. This is a tough hole, and a birdie here should earn you a cold beer from your fellow competitors!


Hole: 9 Par: 4 Yardage: 405

If you’re brave off the tee and keep it close to the water on the left, you’ll have the best chances for a close approach. Of course, you’ll want to avoid that pull hook you’ve guarding against all day!

Orange County National—Panther Lake

Hole: 17 Par: 3 Yardage: 167

It’s the shortest hole on the course, but also the most fun as you tee off from above a tiny green that is extremely well guarded by bunkers and water. Take it from us, it’s not smart to think “don’t chunk it” when you’re pulling the club back on this hole!

Orange Lake Legends

Hole: 13 Par: 4 Yardage: 367

There’s no doubt Mr. Palmer had a good time dreaming up this one. Called Island Oak, this 367-yarder isn’t long, but it’s a tremendously fun hole to play. Put a four on the card here and be happy to move on!

The Ritz-Carlton Orlando

Hole: 18 Par: 5 Yardage: 557

As if Greg Norman’s layout hasn’t challenged you enough already, the 18th is a killer of a par five with a lake looming all the way down the left. With bunkers right, there’s basically no bail out on this one.


Hole: 14 Par: 4 Yardage: 461

This pretty hole is also pretty tough. It’s over 460 yards from the tips so you’ll need to bang it pretty good off the tee to have any hope of hitting an iron you can hold into this tricky green. Tom Fazio at his best!

Waldorf Astoria

Hole: 11 Par: 3 Yardage: 239

Nicknamed “Horseshoe,” this is the longest and toughest par-3 on the course. However, length isn’t what necessarily makes the hole as the green is surrounded by a meandering bunker that catches just about all wayward shots.